Assessment 2nd Semester

Dear students, Please keep in mind the following dates and jot them down on your notebooks. It is important that you come to school these days.


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Poverty – Can Kids Run a Business?

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Listen to the following video and answer these questions

  1. How old is the kid?
  2. Where are his clothes sold?
  3. What is the name of the company?
  4. What does he sell?
  5. How does he sell his clothes?
  6. What is his advice?

Think on the following prompt:

“Imagine someone lend you $30 dollars. Write a paragraph (40-50 words)to explain how you would invest this money in a business idea. Write a second paragraph (40-50 words) to explain how you would pay it back. You might consider ideas involving selling, working or collecting”.

You will have 30 minutes to write this text on your copybooks. Write a nickname on top of the page and hand it back to your teacher. Offensive nicknames will meant a school track observation.

Jeopardy – Poverty: Get together in three groups and let’s see how much you know about poverty.

  • Final thoughts:  what are some things that people can do to minimize the negative effects of poverty? Create one # (hashtag) tackling the issue and that can go TT.

Extra activity: pp. 48-49

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Oral Presentations Order – MsVC

  1.  Nicolas Buceta
  2. Valentin Royo
  3. Edmundo Albonico
  4. Jose Agustin Diaz
  5. Hector Barahona
  6. Vicente Rojas
  7. Vicente Lopez
  8. Joaquin Yañez
  9. Francisco Cordero
  10. Jorge Adrian
  11. Pedro Pablo Nuñez
  12. Alonso Eltit
  13. Vicente Kappes
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Oral Presentation: Useful sentences

Getting the audience’s attention

• Good/Right/Well.
• Shall/ Can we start?

Saying Hello

• Good morning, miss and classmates
• Good afternoon everyone.
• Good afternoon classmates.

Expressing purpose

• My purpose/objective/aim today is …..
• What I would like to do this morning is ……
• I’m here today to …
• The subject of my presentation is …


• This talk is divided into four parts: firstly, … etc.
• Let me begin with/To start with/Firstly, I’d like to look at ….
• Then/Secondly, I’ll be talking about …
• Thirdly, ….
• My fourth point will be about ….
• Finally, I’ll be looking at ….

Inviting questions

• If anyone has any questions, please feel free to interrupt me at any time.
• If you have any questions, please stop me at any time, and I will be happy to answer them.
• Please stop me at any time if you have any questions.

Discouraging questions

• At the end of my talk, there will be a question and answer session. I would  appreciate it if you could keep your questions until then.
• I’d ask you to save your questions for the end.
• I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have at the end of my presentation.

Useful phrases for the body

Moving on

• Let’s now move on to/turn to …
• I now want to go on to …
• I’d like to move on to/turn to …
Giving examples
• Now let’s take an example.
• Let me give you an example.
• To illustrate this …
• Such as …
• For instance …..
• What I’m trying to say is …..
• Let me just try and sum that up before we move on to …
Using Visual Aids
• I’d like you to look at this ….
• Let me show you …
• As you can see …
• Let’s have a look at …
• Let’s look at …
• If you look at the screen, you’ll see …
Useful phrases for the conclusion


• So, to sum up, …
• To summarise, …
• To recapitulate/recap, …
• Let me now sum up, ….
• Let me end by saying ….
• I’d like to finish by emphasizing …
• In conclusion, I’d like to say …
• Thank you for your attention/time.
• Thank you for listening.
• Thank you very much.
Information extracted and adapted from:
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Final Exam: Assessment Rubric


Dear students,

Below you will find the assessment rubric for the final exam. Please, take a look at it, and ask if you have any questions.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.22.43

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.22.56

Click here to download a PDF copy of the rubric: 1st Medio Exam (Personal Project)

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Exam information


Dear students,

You are about to take the last step in your Personal Project Process, which is the Exam Stage. The mark that you will be awarded corresponds to 30% of your II semester average.

The Exam stage requires the completion of the following tasks:

  • Completion of 3 process journals in student’s folder.
  • Essay posted on student’s blog.
  • Printed version of essay in student’s folder.
  • Oral Presentation based on last process journal.

On Friday, 13 November you will have to hand in the printed version of your essay (and upload it on Turn It In in the case of HL students). Your teacher will assess it and award you a mark. This will be a FORMATIVE EVALUATION. The criteria will be used again in the final EXAM RUBRIC.

NOTE: Students may formally request a second revision of their essays if they so desire, modifying elements based on the teacher’s feedback. These changes will be considered in the final Exam Rubric. Students will have time on Wednesday 25 to apply these changes to their essays. In such cases, the final version of the essay must be handed in on Thursday 26 (and re-uploaded on Turn It In in the case of HL students).

On Tuesday, 17 November, you will complete your third and last Process Journal. This will be a meta-cognitive exercise with a set of guiding questions. You must answer all the questions in the allotted time. Your Oral Presentation must be structured based on your answers to these questions.

On Wednesday, 18 November, you will have time to structure and practice for your Oral Presentation. Use a wide variety of cohesive devices to connect your speech. Ask for your teacher’s feedback as you practice. Questions will be projected onto the whiteboard when you present. Prepare to answer questions from your teacher, too.

Oral Presentations – Higher Level: Thursday 19, Friday 20, Tuesday 24 November

Oral Presentations – Standard Level: Friday 20, Tuesday 24 November

Lesson Calendar

Friday 13 Printed essay in folder and blog (SL); printed essay in folder and Turn It In (HL)
Tuesday 17 Completion of 3rd and last Process Journal (handwritten)
Wednesday 18 Oral Presentation: Structure and practice
Thursday 19 Evaluated Oral Presentations (HL) – Practice (SL)
Friday 20 Evaluated Oral Presentations (HL and SL)
Tuesday 24 Evaluated Oral Presentations (HL and SL)
Wednesday 25 Results

The Exam Stage will be assessed according to the following criteria (max 6 marks each)

Part 1: Process

  • Criterion A: Completion of all Process Journals 
  • Criterion B: Work in class throughout the whole process
  • Criterion C: Attendance and attitude in class
  • Criterion D: Meeting deadlines

Part 2: Essay

  • Criterion A: Introduction
  • Criterion B: First paragraph
  • Criterion C: Structure: thoughts and opinions linked to thesis statement
  • Criterion D: Paragraphing and referencing
  • Criterion E: Closing paragraph
  • Criterion F: Use of language and style

Part 3: Oral Presentation

  • Criterion A: Use of language: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, intonation, fluency
  • Criterion B: Level of reflection and ideas
  • Criterion C: Organisation and use of cohesive devices
  • Criterion D: Sense of audience and purpose

Maximum Score: 84 pts

Expected Outcome: 70 pts

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IMPORTANT- Oncoming deadlines

Check the following dates and deadlines for your project:

Week 11  
Tuesday, 10 November: How to write a bibliography: Explanation and examples of

Bibliography: Redaction of the bibliography of their project

Wednesday, 11 November: Process Journal 3: Reflection and analysis to the work that has been done up to now
Thursday, 12 November: Go over your work: Proofreading and checking for grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes
Friday, 13 November: Hand in 2nd Progress Report

In your blogs you must have the following information so far:

  • Review of literature (Progress report 1): with details of the information found in the three sources (September 8)
  • 5-paragraph essay (Progress report 2): Final version (Friday 13)

Remember to keep your 3 process journals in your folders.

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How to write a bibliography in APA style?

Revise the information below to know how to write a good bibliography following APA style. Pay close attention to how website articles must be included.

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